Check out our latest publications

Exciting news: our current lab members, Jason, JJ, and Tae, published their work on the synthesis of 4-bromo-2,3-dihydrofurans in Chemical Science. Additionally, a collaborative work between the Howell and the Cravatt groups on ABHD17 inhibition studies in Nature Chemical Biology has been published. Congratulations!

Check out our latest publications

Exciting news: our current group member, Pascal, published his work on chemical probe development in ChemBioChem. Additionally, our former group member, Santosh, published an article in ACS Chemical Biology about his study on the potent stimulation of iNKT cells and anti-tumor immunity in humanized mouse model by modified KRN7000. Congratulations, guys!

ACS-CVS C-H Activation Symposium

Past and current members of the Howell group had a great time at the ACS-CVS symposium on Solutions to Challenging C-C Bond formation.  The first talk was given by former member Christian Malapit, who is currently undergoing a postdoc in Melanie Sanford’s lab at the University of Michigan. He did a great job, Congrats Christian!


2018 Spring Graduation

Congratulations to all those who recently graduated from UConn! It was wonderful having the Howell group’s very own Kendricks Lao back to walk for his PhD.  Good luck with all your future endeavors Ken!


Happy Holidays

With the end of the Fall semester, the Howell Group members and family sat down for a bite of pizza at Willington Pizza House.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!